Newport County Somerton Park 1912-1993 - A3 Unframed print

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Newport County v Carl Zeiss Jena 1981 European Cup Winners Cup unframed A3 print.
Painting Somerton Park without being commissioned was a risk I was glad and more than happy to take. As a fan I'd never had the opportunity to visit, which looking back almost hurts.
Some would say Somerton would be an artists nightmare to paint, in view of its lopsided shape and tangle of pillars and low roofs. In some ways this way the case as to get the correct angles of the most popular stands and the detail to the kits sent me spinning in my sleep a few night on the bounce.
I'd studied the stadium at length from images on the internet and my collection of books. My decision was final that I wanted to capture the lovable main stand where the players ran out and the covered and un covered terraces to each side. This alongside the covered terrace behind the goal gave me enough of the delights Somerton Park threw at us to make a balanced portrait.
The stadium as can be seen incorporated a wide track which was firstly used for Greyhound racing and latterly by the Newport Wasps Speedway team. The railway end terracing was then built over the northern end of the track, signalling the death of such sports at the stadium. little did the clubs supporters known that their own clubs fate dealt a similar blow some years later.
Whilst painting this piece, I managed to gain some friendships through social media, as I'd shown glimpses of the portraits progression within various Newport County social media sites. The portrait was around half complete when a County fan living in New York contacted me showing a huge interest in owning the original piece. This for sure made my day, so much so that to complete the portrait with a match scene of versus the East German side Carl Zeiss Jena from the clubs European Cup Winners Cup Quarter Final 1981 was the only real choice.
Ive had hours of pleasure painting this colourful scene, and hope my choices of colour bring back the nostalgic memories of Somerton to the more senior County fans. Its a great honour to be able to bring memories back to you, whether it brings a smile or a tear. I know from discussing this portrait on completion with a County diehard, that his emotions got the better of him. That made me very happy!